Sauerkraut / Fermenting Update

In February I posted “The Maiden Voyage of our Fermenting Crock” and I figured I should give an update on how that went.

I think it worked.   After about six weeks the sauerkraut was ready.   At first I didn’t think it tasted right, but now it most certainly does.

A few observations:

–   Despite claims that the crock wouldn’t need skimming, it did need it towards the end.  This could’ve been due to the water in the seal occasionally getting drank by Juno.

–  It made the house smell whenever I opened it towards the end.   I think next time I do this I might take it outside to open the crock.  Usually the odor would linger around for a couple of hours after a skimming, but after I canned it the smell was around for a few days.

–  The stuff towards the bottom was a little more watery than the rest, so it might be best to mix it better next time before canning/using.

–  I now have more sauerkraut canned than I’ve probably ever consumed in my life.   I’ve been using it a lot more though.   I haven’t gotten into the stuff I’ve canned yet, so I’m waiting to see how that turned out.   If it still tastes fine canned, I’ll give away a few jars.

–   Our spring cabbage plantings have been a bust, so I will not be able to make any more until maybe the fall.   That’s ok though, I think I ended up with close to 10 quarts from this batch.

All things considered, I’ll consider it a success and I’m ready to divulge further into the wonderful world of fermenting.   Any suggestions on things other than cabbage to ferment?  Please leave it in the comments.

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