Oikos Update 6/20/12

Things have been pretty decent in the garden lately, the greens keep coming in and I’m picking the occasional carrot, turnip, radish, beet or parsnip.   I made borscht last week using almost everything from the garden which turned out really good.    The fennel is looking good and we’ve been harvesting a few bulbs.   I picked the first Hungarian hot wax peppers last weekend and I should have some kung pao, cayenne, banana, jalapeno and pepperonici peppers in the next few days.   I’ve had a hard time with squashes and some herbs this year, but my basil (lemon, Italian and cinnamon) is doing well as is my dill, mints and oregano.  My eggplants are a little behind and it looks like the bell peppers will do a little more than they did last year.    I don’t have any fruit on my tomatillos yet, so I’m a little worried there.    I’ve picked a few blackberries and even made blackberry pancakes this weekend.     Some of my unintentional squash and tomato plants are looking good.   Favas are starting to come in and we’ll probably make falafel with them shortly.  I think my snow peas are done for the year, but I can always plant more.     The mini orchard isn’t doing much, but it usually takes a while.

On other fronts, I intended on looking at a duplex down the street to buy as a rental, but according to the agent they were just “waiting on the bank”.    The sign still doesn’t say “sold”.   I’ll check back later.

We decided to make a better effort to train Murray, as he’s driving my wife (and admittedly me sometimes) bonkers.   I know sometimes it’s easier to just throw him outside or something, but spending a little extra time with him seems to be making him a little more at ease and better behaved.

I’m currently reading “The Way To Live” by George Hackenschmidt, which is written by a famous oldtime strongman in the 30’s.   I like the idea of “Physical Culture” as a lifestyle during that era and appreciate the way folks went about the hobby/lifestyle in that era when you couldn’t get the kinds of supplements, information or equipment that most of us have at our disposal today.    These guys just had healthy food, healthy lifestyles, healthy mindsets, hard work and perhaps the occasional book or periodical.     I will probably review the book and most definitely dig into this general subject in more depth later.

On the subject of oldtime strongmen, I recently received a newsletter in the mail from www.oldtimestrongman.com , a blog that (as the name suggests) covers all things oldtime strongman.    It’s kind of cool to actually get something worth reading in the mail like that anymore – it seems like the DIY zine is a thing of the past.   Certainly someone with an affinity for oldtime strongman is going to have a knack for nostalgia though.   If you have any interest in this subject, I suggest checking out John Wood’s site.

I picked up a refurbished police scanner recently.  I haven’t put it to use yet as it seems a little tricky to get going, but nothing too complicated.   Hopefully this will provide me with hours of enjoyment listening in to what the police and fire departments are up to as well as the airport, HAM operators and maybe if I’m lucky some fast food drive-thru’s.   I think the 24-hour Hardee’s would be hilarious at bar close.


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