Poison Ivy part II

Ok, so I still have it, but it seems like it’s on the way out.   Yesterday my wife picked up some Burt’s Bees poison ivy soap and IvyItch ReLeaf (or something like that?) and it appears to be working.



Frankly, I feel better spraying tea tree oil extract and jewelweed extract on my uh, sensitive parts than I do bleach, dish soap or rubbing alcohol. The soap also contains pine tar and oatmeal extract. It has a unique scent – it’s not exactly unpleasant but probably not what I would want to put on if I were trying to impress a lady or something. Personally, I’d rather get the poison ivy cleared up than appeal to others’ olfactory glands.

I think I’m going to get another bar or two of this soap as well as some more IvyItch ReLeaf to keep around in the event that I get it again. Things like rashes, stings, bites and burns that would require something like that aren’t all that uncommon and it would be nice to have these things on hand right away and be able to treat the condition herbally.

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