Oikos Update 6/27

Within the past couple of days I’ve picked some leeks that overwintered, turnips, swiss chard, collards and carrots.   It looks like I’m about to get some tomatillos and I’m getting some green peppers forming.   I made a herbal tea with lots of catnip that put me out last night along with some lemon and cinnamon basil and peppermint.   Catnip really is a wonder herb.

Well, of all the places I never thought I’d end up it looks like we’re going to the Cornerstone Christian music festival.   While I consider myself a Christian, I’ve never been into Christian music. It seems like a lot of it in the “alternative” realm usually takes a secular band, copies them and tweaks some things to make it more Christ-like.  I think I’d rather just take the original secular band and keep rock n’ roll and religion separate.   In theory Christian music isn’t any different than any other music with an angle, but I think a lot of it comes off as gimmicky.  I’ll give the ones that come off as original and not trying to be the Christian response to such-and-such band a fair shot.

We’ll be camping for a few days while there, which is a little more exciting than the music.  It’s been a good excuse to acquire some new stuff like a new tent, some lanterns, a camp table, a nice 7 gallon water jug and some other odds and ends.   Probably the best thing I’ve picked up so far was a garden cart like this:

When the wife said she wanted a wagon because it’s helpful for hauling ice while there, I rolled my eyes. Then I thought about how I wanted one of the garden wagons, so I suggested that. I went out to Farm and City Supply, a locally owned store that sells stuff like that and they were down to their last one. The list price is somewhere around $90, but I got it for $45 because it had been used around the store and had a serial number painted on it. Score. Now that I think about it, it didn’t come with the sides. I’m going to call them tomorrow and find out about that. If not, it looks like I can order them off the website and still end up (slightly) ahead.

I’m also pretty stoked about this and might pick up a couple more for water storage:

But yeah, I drug my feet on going to Cornerstone this year. Last year I got out of it by spending my vacation time painting the house. I’m not really looking forward to the bands, but it sounds like there’s all kinds of other stuff going on there and I’ll probably be more interested in checking those things out. On the plus side it sounds like you don’t really have to deal with some of the usual cast of characters that come out for outdoor festivals and most of the people you would encounter are polite and respectful people. I guess that’s a good thing. We’ll see how it all works out.

Oh yeah, I’m going to be making a few dehydrated meals which should be fun.

Tonight I’m going to try to figure out my scanner and see if I can listen in to local HAMs and the police department. I’ll check back in on this.

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