Oikos Update 7/9/12

There’s been a record heatwave and I had to leave the duty of watering the garden to another person for a few days while we were at Cornerstone.   It looks like pretty much everything made it through.   We’re kind of at an awkward point where the spring vegetables are pretty much finished and the summer vegetables aren’t quite there yet.  Haricot vert (“green bean” en francais) French green beans just started trickling in and I picked the very first semi-red tomato.   There’s a small volunteer cantaloupe coming up and a few small yellow squash starting.  Tomatillos are on the way as well.  I have a few bell peppers that are close and it looks like I should have a flood of smaller peppers (jalapeno, kung pao, Hungarian wax, pepperonici, cayenne and banana) in the next week or so.   Greens (kale, Swiss chard and collards) are still looking good and I have a few fennel bulbs ready to go.  I have two eggplants that seem to be behind the curve and hopefully my Armenian cucumbers will get with it.   I had some winter squash seeds started, but it’s not looking like I’ll make it.

A local nursery was selling their remaining seed stock for 75% off, so I stocked up on all kinds of high quality seed that I’ll use next year for about $10, that was kind of cool.

Although I’m into food storage, I’ll admit I’m a little insufficient in the long-term food storage department.   Ready Made Resources just had a sweet 4th of July sale on Mountain House food, so I purchased 12 cans of various things at a very reasonable price.   I’ll feel better knowing I have this stuff around.

We made tacos tonight with textured vegetable protein (TVP), our first tomato and a small cabbage head that was getting engulfed by squash plants.   They turned out really good.  Strangely enough, we don’t use TVP often but I think I’m going to start trying to work it into the diet a little more often.   We used it at Cornerstone to make a “meat” sauce for pasta which turned out alright.

I’ve been watching silver and gold prices and they still seem to be hovering at that $27 floor and just below $1600 for gold.   I think now might be a good time to pull the trigger on either one, especially as larger buyers are beginning to move into the market and we seem to get closer and closer to some kind of economic calamity.   While watching the TV at the gym I’ve noticed that there’s ads for gold dealers on FOX News with all the usual hype just about every commercial break.

My new Uniden scanner is sweet.   I’ve picked up some HAMs in California and locally, nothing too interesting or juicy there, but it’s good to know I can listen in if I want.   The police channel is fun and provides a lot of entertainment.   I still haven’t worked out all the kinks with this, but I think when I do this will be a good tool for finding out what kind of things are going on in the area.   Hell, I’d already call it a “good investment” just for the entertainment factor alone.


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