Invasion of the Drug Cartels


The graphic and story can be found here: Invasion of Drug Cartels


I don’t think anyone is surprised by the fact that drug cartels are bringing drugs from Latin America into the US, but this article highlights the extent of the cartels’ reach into the US and provides some shocking figures on what’s going on down in Mexico.   To put it briefly, there’s some very powerful drug cartels in Mexico that are fighting each other as well as local and federal government.    There’s been a ton of violence and terrorism associated with this drug war – the cartels have assassinated politicians, police officers, journalists and others who attempted to stand up against them.    It doesn’t sound like the violence is exactly surgical either – check out the number of decapitations and pre-death torture reported.        I don’t have the figures on hand, but I would venture to guess that parts of Mexico are currently about as violent as post-war Iraq.   When I was there (Iraq) in 2004-5, the populace lived under threat of similar levels of violence from the insurgents and at times the level of fear from the normal people trying to go about their lives was a sad sight to behold – people shouldn’t have to live like that.    Things like decapitations, executions, torture, kidnappings, etc. were common and it’s hard to stomach that those things go on in the world.

I don’t really like to use this blog for political reasons, but what are we doing putting all of our “defense” assets halfway around the world when we have stuff like this going on next door in Mexico?    I’m more worried about these guys or MS-13 (yeah, I know, El Salvadorian) in my country than I am Iraqi/Afghani insurgents coming to get me here in Iowa.

So these guys are increasingly coming into our backyard.   Great.  It’s easy to point fingers at Mexico and the Mexican government for this but in reality the drug cartels exist because we’re supplying the demand.   If there wasn’t a (huge) market for drugs here, they wouldn’t come here to peddle their wares and they wouldn’t terrorize Mexico over the ability to peddle said wares in the US.

I like to throw out potential solutions for individuals to take when I post these kind of articles, and I don’t really have any solid ones, but I think it’s important to be aware of what’s going on in Mexico and here and recognize that there’s the likelihood of spillover violence here in the US.   A little bit of situational awareness and basic security/defense precautions go a long ways.

I think it’s also notable to point out that governments and “the authorities” sometimes fail and that it’s not a good idea to stick your head in the sand and expect that they’ll sort everything out due to their omnipotence and benevolence.   Mexico has never been known for being well-run, but it’s not as bad off as most Americans think it is, all things considered.   Still, I don’t think that it’s impossible that cracks in our system due to any number of reasons can make it easier for Mexican drug cartels to operate – the article mentions budget cuts are forcing a few border patrol stations to close down, as one example.

Now I don’t condone the use of drugs, but if you do use them buy local, I guess.

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  • Rottenclam

    Hah! I love it. If you’re gonna use drugs….buy local. 🙂

    This is actually pretty scary stuff. The cartels seem to keep their wars limited to South of the border right now, but there have already been some problems in small border towns in Texas. There is no doubt that the FedGov will step on them like ants the moment serious problems start to happen…but that begs the question…why wait until serious problems start to happen?

    I’m in total agreement that we should have the troops home, working our borders (our airports too).

    The sad reality is that the cartels are a vibrant economy and a way “out” for many young downtrodden men. Sure, they end up as pawns – but they get to party, get to hang out with girls, get some money, and get to go out in a blaze of glory for the team – so whats not to love?

    Seriously though – I do agree with your humorous point; if you’re going to do drugs, why not roll your own?

    Just as you have the choice not to buy a bunch of stuff made in China, you have the option to have your recreational drugs made here in the good ‘ol U.S. of A.

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