Red Dawn 2012 Trailer


Ok, so I’m a huge fan of Red Dawn.  Hollywood has been tormenting me with the prospect of a new version of Red Dawn for several years and will only now be putting it out – I guess the studio had some financial issues.

Yeah, it’s probably going to be kind of goofy and not as cool as the original.   Sure, remaking this movie is another sign that Hollywood is getting stale and just rehashing all of their old tricks either through remakes or renaming the same story line.

But I don’t care.   I’ll be there for the first possible showing I can get to.

During the delay they changed the enemy from the Chinese to some conglomerate of Asian countries headed by North Korea.   While China makes more sense, I guess I understand the diplomatic side of not making China the bad guy in this – it really could be a minor thorn in the side of US-China relations.   North Korea?  Who cares what they think, we can demonize them all we want.     When I first heard that there was going to be a remake, I figured they would make it with Islamic terrorists, which would have been extremely hokey.   I also figured they would make it intentionally clownish to make a statement about paranoia and all of that to poke a little fun at the Cold War era.    I’m glad they didn’t go that route and instead tried to make a serious movie out of it – well, about as serious as a movie as you can possibly make about North Korea quarterbacking an invasion of the US.

We’ll see how it all pans out.  I’ll keep an open mind about it and try to view it as a stand-alone movie based on Red Dawn as opposed to one that tries to stay 100% true to the original.

Edit – I just read an article that suggested that the producers changed the enemy from China in order to not alienate themselves from the growing Chinese film market.   Makes sense.    I’d bet there’s a little from column A and a little from column B here.


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