Oikos Update 9/13

I finally got a disability insurance policy locked down after a couple months of getting everything in order for it.   Yeah, in the world of preparedness this isn’t the most romantic thing but realistically I’m more likely to become physically impaired at work or something than running around a post-apocalyptic world shooting bad guys in sweet tactical gear.   Another yearly expense kind of sucks, but I feel better with it, especially considering the fact that I work with machinery and such and people do get hurt occasionally.

I’ve finally canned tomatoes this year.  I put away about 12 jars and will probably do some more before everything is all said and done.   Been making a lot of salsa and marinara too.

Next week we’ll spend a few days in Decorah, IA visiting Seed Saver’s Exchange farm and a few other places.   Can’t wait.   I’ve been planning on going up there for a while now.

On a whim I stopped in at a local garden center that I’ve never been to and I’m glad I did.   The guy gave me a whole bunch of cabbage, cauliflower and collard seedlings for free.   I bought a bag of buckwheat for cover cropping and also talked to him for a little bit about chickens.  They sell them there and he had a nice little chicken house and pen for sale.   The house seemed like a good deal, the pen seemed a little expensive for what it is, but put together it seemed reasonable.    I could make one myself, but that’s one of those things that I’m likely to put off.   Next weekend I might go up there and pick up a few hens and the things I’ll need to get started with them.   I think I’ll end up visiting that place again, either way.

This weekend I’m going to talk to a guy that lives near me about beekeeping.   I guess he has 28 hives and has been doing it for a while.   There’s also a local backyard beekeepers group too.    I’m a little worried about my dogs messing with the hive, but I think there’s ways to prevent that (build a cabinet).      I’ve been taking more interest in  this idea lately.

In the garden I still have a lot more green tomatoes than red ones for some reason.   I’ve picked a few Armenian cucumbers lately, which is cool.    I let a bunch of lambs quarter go and it just went to seed, so I cut that down.  The plan is to harvest the seed and use it as grain throughout the year.   Peppers have been trickling in and the heat sent a few of my radishes to seed.   Oh well.

I might have a chance to take some adult ed classes in beekeeping, blacksmithing and/or investing soon through my job.   Hopefully that goes through.


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