Oikos Update 10/29/2012

So right now the East Coast is getting hit with a major storm, I hope everyone keeps their heads down.

We had our first frost at the beginning of the month and I picked a ton of green tomatoes.   They’re sitting out on a table and ripening at the rate of about a half dozen a day.   Lately we’ve been eating a lot of things involving tomatoes like chili, pasta and pizza.    They’re not ripening at a rate that would make sense to can them, so I have to do something.  Oh well, enjoy summer’s bounty while I can.   I bet I’ve got another two weeks of heavy tomato eating.   Fortunately I put away about a dozen jars of tomatoes, maybe 8 jars of ratatouille and two of salsa.   It’ll be nice to have those over the winter.

One of my dogs tore up a bed of arugula, spinach, carrots, beets, turnips, kale, radishes and rutabagas – all stuff I was planning on overwintering in a high tunnel.    It doesn’t seem like a total loss, but it’s pretty bad.    Fortunately I have seeds started of some of the same kinds of things in another bed that I’m going to put a greenhouse over very soon.    I was pissed off when I went outside and discovered this though, it definitely put me in a bad mood the entire night.     I have some more seedlings that I’m going to put a cold frame over and a 40 gallon aquarium I picked up for as many dollars last week at Petco.   I figured it’s about as cheap, more effective and definitely a lot easier than building another cold frame.   Plus if I want to use it to raise fish or something when it’s not needed outside I can.     

I haven’t been blogging much lately because I’ve been slaving away at a book.   I’m about 1/3 to 1/2 of the way through it right now.   I want to have it done by about Thanksgiving.   We’ll see…    I’m having fun doing it right now, but hopefully I can get it done and move on to other things.



  • Rottenclam

    Sorry about your garden, Ryan. Bad dog! 😛

    What is the story with this book you mentioned? Writing one or reading one?

  • Ryan

    Writing one. I’m about 90% done with the content right now and hopefully I’ll be done with everything in the next week. What’s it about? Red Dawn. So far I’ve got about 15 essays I’ve put together over the past couple months on things like themes in the film, character analysis, some of the geopolitical/domestic political issues and a few other things. Thanks to the ease of self-publishing, we live in a world where people can write books about things like Red Dawn. It’ll be an ebook. I was hoping to have it done by about now to coincide with the release of the remake, but I’ll probably be a week or so off.

    Oh, I met up with a local prepper’s group yesterday and Bubba DaVinci came and spoke to us. I guess he lives in the area and is a partner in the Self-Reliance Expo. Sounds like he’s going to try to get an expo here and bring in some big names for the group. Kind of cool.

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