Ron Paul Talks About Secession


Well, this is interesting.   Looks like the media went to Dr. Paul to get his response on the subject of secession and he responds with a brief video, where he brings up a few good points.    He brings up the fact that Wilson took us into World War I in part for other nations’ right to self-determination (remember the difference between “nation” and “state”) and that we high-fived each other when the former Soviet republics seceeded, thinking that self-determination was good for the people in those places.    Then there’s the fact that we were founded by secessionists – the early colonialists saw themselves as English subjects right up until the point when they decided to secede.

Dr. Paul also brings up the idea that there’s going to be a lot more talk like this as the Federal government gets worse off financially.   Are things like social security, government payouts, etc, keeping everything together?   I think these objections are the ones that come up more often than “No, we’re really one big happy country and we can work everything out!”

Either way, it’s kind of interesting.   I figured this issue would be a one or two day story (for now), but it seems to keep going…

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