Patrick Buchanan on Secession

Stirrings of Secession

“The West is decomposing”

There’s not really anything new here that wasn’t brought up in States Filing Petitions For Secession or sentiments that haven’t ever been expressed by Patrick Buchanan before, but I wanted to share it.   In a nutshell,  Buchanan writes about how fragmented American society has become and brings up the historical precedent for secession in this article.   He even mentions the situation in Catalonia and other places around Europe flirting with the idea of secession.     I got a chuckle out of the tongue-in-cheek line about how Super Bowl Sunday has become the one holy day that everyone can agree upon in America.

Anyways, it’s an article worth reading for those of you who have been following the secession thing.    Even though I think most of the coverage of it is based around generating some shocking headlines, I’m still surprised that this idea is getting bounced around in mainstream circles and PJB is getting a little more explicit about it.


  • Rottenclam

    I would never describe Pat Buchanan as a blowhard, but he does move into hyperbole very quickly. One second I think that he has nailed what is going on with the country (and, at times, me) – and at other times he seems over-dramatic and desperate for attention.

    But if I take the stuff that did pique my interest within the article, I am left with the following statement that resonated the most deeply:

    “Half the country pays no federal income taxes, but half depends on federal benefits.”

    This is the one that will be our undoing. Because I feel like we’re heading towards an economic collapse, I am most concerned that any sort of secession / separation / division of Americans will start (and end) with the notion of “who pays for who”.

    It will create irreconcilable animosity between the working and the retired, the employed and the unemployed, and the rich and the poor. I dont think you can have successful secession along those lines (State lines), but there will be a new kind of secession that we’ve never seen before…and it wont be pretty.

  • Ryan

    Yeah, his presentation is a little out there on this one, I’ll agree with that. One half of the country is all about God, mom and apple pie and the other half are Satan-loving heathens, hell-bent on destroying America as we know it. He doesn’t make a lot of room for being anywhere between the two extremes in this story. I’m not sure if he actually sees the world like that or it’s just the most direct way of making a point. His take on a lot of issues does seem to be it’s either A or B, nothing inbetween.

    I agree that “who will pay for who” will be the catalyst for just about everything. Even divisions based on culture, religion, ethnicity, etc. seem to be subdued when things are good economically.

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