Getting Home by Alex Smith

The author of this book contacted me a while back ago to send me a copy of this to review.   It took me a while to get to it due to some things going on, but I’ve finished it and thought about it a bit.

In the survival/preparedness world it’s admittedly hard sometimes to cover new ground and it’s easy to get cynical reading about these kinds of things because sometimes it does seem like it’s just reinforcing what someone else has already wrote.     I’ll admit I went into this book suspecting that it was going to be like that, but I ended up really digging this book.  “Getting Home” covers bugging out, everyday carry (EDC) and self-defense.  Smith talks about gear, mindset and tactical matters in this book.

I really liked the style of the book.   The way everything was compartmentalized made it very easy to read and digest.   He kept everything succinct, but it was still thoughtful.   I could tell that the author had put a lot of thought into the advice he’s giving instead of rehashing survivalist cliches.    It’s a short read, but I think that’s one of its strengths.   It’s down-and-dirty about dealing with or getting out of bad situations.    I liked the last chapter on common survivalist myths, which was pretty funny.

To be frank, this book is only a couple of bucks ($3.99 currently) and doesn’t take long at all to read (a little over 2000 words).   It’s a small investment for some good food for thought.

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