The Incredible Malleability of Gold


Two weeks ago I gave a speech to a local preparedness group about gold and silver.   I mentioned some of the properties of these metals that set them apart from other metals and make them more than just shiny pieces of metal.   Someone recorded the speech, I’ll probably post it when it surfaces.  It’s about an hour and a half, so it’s a long one.

Among one of gold’s properties is the fact that it’s so malleable, meaning it can be hammered out in to very thin sheets.  One ounce can be hammered out by a skilled goldsmith to about one square meter.    The dome of the Iowa State Capitol is covered in gold leaf and I was surprised to find out that there’s only about 100 troy ounces of gold up there (a little less than 7 pounds).   Sure, that’s a lot of gold but that’s also a lot of surface to cover.   A brick of gold small enough to hold in your hand can cover that.    Pretty amazing.

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