Suburbs “Secede” from Atlanta

 Suburbs Secede From Atlanta

I heard about this story the other day and figured I’d post it because it’s a microcosm of where I see things going and in a way it’s kind of hopeful because it shows that you don’t always have to sink the ship/leave with the girl you came to the dance with, etc.

The TL;DR version:   The city of Atlanta has a lot of problems ranging from the omnipresent municipal debt problems, corruption and the real possibility of the public school system losing accreditation.   I’ve never heard of that happening before to a public school system, so that has to be bad.   Bucking the trend against larger cities incorporating smaller ones, many communities within the Atlanta area have begun to incorporate themselves as new cities in order to get away from Atlanta’s problems and have apparently been successful so far.   Oh, and there’s been a handful of accusations of racism for good measure.

An anonymous “key leader” in the black community (side note: who knows what this actually means.  Could be a city councilman with a bit of pull or it could be some random self-aggrandizing asshole with no pull)  who wants to file a lawsuit against the new cities made the following statement:

“So when you allow powerful groups of citizens to opt out of a social contract, and form their own, it may benefit the group opting out, but it hurts the larger collective,”

It’s also mentioned that the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus was upset over this and tried to bring the cities back into Atlanta’s orbit via a lawsuit in 2011 because the “super-white” cities diluted the voting power of black voters in Atlanta.   To me it seems like it would be just the opposite but what do I know, I’ve never been voted into office.
So the municipal government and some “city leaders” are pissed off because some of the city’s more affluent former residents aren’t happy with being forced to pay for mismanagement that they (largely) didn’t ask for as well as being politically subordinate to a voting bloc that as the GLBC suggests doesn’t vote in their interests.      Now there’s a lot of crying and yelling “they can’t do that!” even though they just did.
I really hope to see more of this throughout the country.   This allows people who feel they’re being mistreated to take greater control over their affairs and it forces the people doing the mistreating to cope without the people they’re mistreating.   We’ve had “bigger is better” engrained into us over the past few generations and maybe that’s not the case when it comes to these things.   Being a handful of different cities doesn’t mean that the people in the suburbs can’t work, shop or entertain themselves in Atlanta and vise-versa.   All it means is that everyone gets a little more responsive local government.
Sure it sucks for the people of Atlanta, but you have to draw the line somewhere.


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