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Mother Earth Products

Many bloggers or people who run websites throw affiliate marketing links on their page in order to make a few easy bucks if visitors click the links and buy whatever is for sale.

Honestly, I have a couple on my site that I’m not really all that interested in and I have two companies that I really like and actually do business with –  Honeyville Grains and Chelsea Green Publishing.    Honeyville Grains is a great place to get bulk beans, grains and long-term storage food shipped to you at a reasonable cost  and Chelsea Green comes out with some great books.    I have an Amazon one because it allows me to get very specific with the product (i.e. a link to a book that I review) and most people are more comfortable ordering with Amazon than they are stand-alone sites.

I was recently contacted by Theodore from Mother Earth Products and I’m really into this new company and looking forward to being an affiliate for a few reasons:

–  They have a great selection of freeze dried and dehydrated foods at great prices and nice options for quantity (i.e. you can get as small as a two cup pouch or as large as a 35lbs bag with several options between).

– Everything is non-GMO

– Reasonable shipping prices

– The 1 gallon size mylar bags are comparable to #10 cans quantity-wise but take up a lot less space.

–  Perhaps the biggest kicker to me is that this business is ran by a family right here in Central Iowa that really lives the preparedness lifestyle.   I like the idea of keeping it in the community.

Today I received a large box of samples from MEP and it’s going to take a while for us to get through them.    We started off tonight by whipping up the sloppy joe and veggie burger TVP mixes as well as baking some homemade buns.   I was impressed with both and will definitely order some of the sloppy joe TVP.   The flavors of both tasted like actual spices instead of the chemically flavor that usually comes with flavored foods.  I think a lot of people are turned off by TVP because it’s not meat, but in a lot of cases I think it’s the best meat substitute and very agreeable for things that normally take ground meat.  It can also be used to stretch meat dishes, i.e. adding a little bit of it to something like chili, meat sauces, etc to save money.   As far as long-term storage foods go, I would be more excited to hear that we’re going to have TVP sloppy joes for dinner than rice and beans and the price is a lot lower than some of the long term storable meals.

Looks like we have TVP pepperoni pizza and tacos in our immediate future, as well as TVP bacon, sausage, ham, chicken and beef to work with.    I also have some of their soup mixes and dehydrated vegetables to try out.   I’ll post my reviews and what we do with these things as they come.

I also really like the idea of dehydrated vegetables.   They’re very convenient if you do a lot of cooking.    We make a lot of soups and stews and sometimes it’s easier to grab a handful of this-or-that and throw it in than chop stuff.   It’s also a sure bet that you have it around – sometimes I’ve been left hanging with no fresh garlic, onions or celery but was able to get into the dehydrated stuff.   They have a very long shelf life and take up very little space, all things considered.    These things really are a good idea for day-to-day eating, not just when you’re camping or TEOTWAWKI.

So I just wanted to post about this new affiliate because it’s a company that I really want to see succeed and so far it’s looking like they’re going to be a great resource going forward.



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