13 in 2013 Update 3/28

The other day I made cheese for the first time.  Mozzarella, which is supposed to be among the easiest.   No problems there.   I haven’t had much of it yet, but it tastes just fine.   I’m planning on making a pizza with it shortly.    I’ll make ricotta sometime soon (that’s one of the easier ones too) and then move on to some others.

I picked up the parts for my bee hives the other day.  I got two starter hives plus six additional boxes.   There’s a little bit of assembly required – I have to put some waterproof glue on the edges and nail everything together.  It’s something I should be able to do in a couple of hours in front of the TV or whatever.    My bees will be ready in May to pick up

Winter gardening went well, I just removed my cold frame and aquarium.   I think it’s warm enough for spinach, lettuce and other greens to be fine without protection.   I’m going to either take down my greenhouse this week when I get some time or move it to a different bed to get something like beans or summer squash started.    At this point, I think I can just unstake it, lift it up and sit it down on a different bed without too much fuss.      The other day I forgot to vent my cold frame and when I opened it in the afternoon a ton of steam came out of it.  The plants are fine, but I can see that some of the leaf tips got blanched due to high temps inside.   That thing works pretty well.

I still haven’t seen the video from my precious metals/bartering presentation I did last month.   I think it went well, but maybe there were technical difficulties with the recording.   The local preparedness group has been growing and we started bartering tables after the meetings, which is pretty cool and hopefully it takes off.   We now have a group discount at Mother Earth Products too, which is nice.


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