Staying Home by Alex Smith

Last month I reviewed Getting Home by Alex Smith, this is the next installment in I assume a series of three books (I think he hinted that the next one will be “leaving home”).

Just like Getting Home, Staying Home provides a lot of food for thought and is more like a brainstorming session written down than a definitive how-to book.   It’s concise and dense with material for the relatively small size of the book.

Smith states early in the book that the material is geared towards beginner preppers or maybe people with a little bit of experience in that world.   It doesn’t go too far in-depth on most subjects, but that’s ok in some cases (i.e. beekeeping and gardening is mentioned, no need to lay out everything about those things).   Some of the material might not be earth shattering to people with a fair amount of time spent in the survival/preparedness world, but I think there’s enough bits of wisdom and disclaimers in the book that pretty much anyone will get something valuable out of it.    Off the top of my head, there’s a good segment about wells, which is something I didn’t know much about.

One thing I’ll critique a bit is that there wasn’t a whole lot about pandemics or chemical/biological threats.   There was a bit about nuclear though.    A lot of the material throughout the book applies to these kind of situations (which I think would be the ultimate holing up sitautions), but I would have liked to see more about these subjects.

All things considered, the download is about the price of a cup of coffee and worth reading to jog your mind a bit about some bugging in scenarios and how you can cope with them.


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