Vegan Ham and Bean Soup and Other Mother Earth Products Soup Reviews

Recently I received a box of samples of various products from the new affiliate Mother Earth Products and over the past couple of weeks I’ve tried a couple of the different soups.

So I’m married to a vegan.  Sometimes we eat the same things, sometimes we don’t.   It works out pretty well and all things considered, she’s a decent cook and cooks with recognizable foods like beans, grains and vegetables (i.e. not all vegans live off tofu dogs and boca burgers).   One drawback to our different diets is that if I want to make something with meat in it, I had better really like it because I’ll be eating it for a long time.   This ends up discouraging me from making certain recipes that make more than a couple of meals sometimes.   I think one victim here is ham and bean soup.   It’s not one of my favorite foods, but it’s something I think about a few times a year and something that wouldn’t be too practical for me to make.   I think I’ve gotten my ham and bean soup fix over the past handful of years by just happening to have shown up at my parent’s house at the right time.

When I looked at the label and saw that MEP’s ham and bean soup (made with ham TVP) was vegan, I was pretty stoked to be able to have one of these classic cool weather comfort foods.     It definitely filled that void and I’m going to order some more.  The ham TVP does have a nice smoky flavor and I could see this soup really hitting the spot if I were out camping or something on a cold day.   I think this soup mix is probably the best and most efficient way I can think of to really replicate ham and bean soup for vegans.   Dedicated omnivores won’t be disappointed either.

I also tried the Greek lentil soup mix.   This one seemed similar to a soup I make all the time and smelled great while cooking.  This one has beef bouillon in it, so not vegan.   There was a good mix of spices and the addition of tomato to it was nice.   Unfortunately at the consistency I like it the soup was still a little salty.    They say 1-2 quarts and I went at about 1.25 quarts.   I might have just gotten one with more salt than the others, but I don’t know.    Honestly I don’t think I’m going to order more of this one because I already make something that’s very similar but I might try adding dehydrated tomatoes to the soup I make after trying this one.

The other one I had recently was chicken and vegetable soup, which really came in handy for me considering I just came down with a cold and really craved chicken soup.   I suppose you could keep a can of Chunky Soup around for those times when you want chicken soup but don’t feel like leaving the house, but this one tasted better and had a more agreeable list of ingredients.  The chicken TVP was very, uh, convincing too.    I did add a bit of oregano to the soup to spice it up a bit though.   It was nice to be able to throw this package into water, boil the water and then eat it half an hour later instead of making it myself (which is what I usually do).   I’ll probably pick up more of this.

The prices are actually pretty good and right now they’re doing 20% off if you use the code “spring”.   Theodore runs a pretty good Facebook page too with a lot of good articles daily, so like them if you’re into homesteading/survival/gardening/etc.

Now we’re not quite talking apples to apples here, but as far as long term food storage goes you can buy three pouches of soup mix that make 10 cups each for less than a can of a Mountain House entree with a little bit of change left over.

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