I’m Taking an Online Permaculture Design Course


I’ve been wanting to take one of the permaculture design courses for certification for a while, but it’s never worked out for my schedule.    Usually at best they take a week so in addition to the sizable fee, there’s travel and lodging costs if the classes aren’t being held in your immediate area.    I could see it reasonably hitting over $2000 plus a week of vacation time to do it.   Geoff Lawton, one of the premier dudes in that field, just announced an online certification class for a lot less than a traditional class plus no travel expenses.   The course is spread out over twelve weeks.

I didn’t plan on taking the course this year, but if the opportunity falls into my lap like this, I’m going to jump on it.   I can’t see the circumstances in my life making this more convenient sometime in the future than it is now.

What am I planning on doing with permaculture, should I pass the course?    I don’t know for sure.   I’ll use it on my own yard, that’s for sure.   I’m planning on moving to a few acres sometime in the next few years and I’ll use it once I get there.    Technically I could go into a permaculture business, which is something I would consider at a part-time level.   I’d be into giving workshops locally.    We’ll see.

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