This Year Sucks For Gardening, The Present and The Future.

It’s been a pretty disappointing year garden-wise.   We got a ton of rain early off in the spring which made things a little difficult and then the great earth goddess shut it off by the time shut it off by the time summer rolled around.  It’s currently past labor day and it looks like we have a week of 90+ temps and no rain.   The only thing that seems to be growing is weeds.    I can see cracks in the soil in my yard, some of my perennials are croaking and everyone’s yard is completely brown.   Anything I tried to grow in containers on my full-sun deck is completely fried and it’s honestly just kind of miserable to be out there on my deck amongst the dirt, death and disappointment.    I used to like to sit and have breakfast on it in the morning or dinner in the evening, but it’s been too hot for that shit.     Oh yeah, fleas have been a problem too since it’s so hot.    Some things I’ve planted are doing ok and I’m thankful for that.    I’m currently trying to turn things over into a fall garden and hoping I’ll have better luck with that sort of stuff, but I get the feeling it’s going to be too hot for those things to germinate and then it will be too late.     I’ll try winter gardening again too, for sure.

So I’ve been really unactive here this summer.   I’m getting divorced, so that’s changed up my lifestyle a bit.    While married I had a ton of time between when my wife went to bed (say 10:30pm) and when I did (4:00 or so) to do things like blog or write books about Red Dawn.    I had that online permaculture design certificate class this summer that took a lot of my computer time and I put some other projects on the backburner when all of this went down in early June – I still have a 3/4 finished chicken coop sitting in my back yard.    At least I can say I spent this time doing just about everything but moping around over the pending divorce.    I feel pretty good about things overall.    I haven’t been keeping close tabs on some of the things I normally keep up on and it’s been a shitty year garden / urban homesteading wise, so there really hasn’t been much for me to write about.     I hope to get back into writing regularly….and doing more things worth writing about.

The future:    I have an idea for a book, but I’m going to hold off on committing to that until I’ve dwelt on the subject matter for a little longer.   I would also like to get a few articles published in some other mediums.    I kicked around the idea of podcasting in May before my wife and I split and then put it way on the backburner once that happened.   I’m starting to consider it again.   Some of the technical things are a little intimidating but it doesn’t look THAT bad.     The dust still hasn’t completely settled in my life, but everything will depend on what that looks like when it does.  I really enjoy this kind of thing, so I’ll try to make it happen if I can.

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