Russian Jet Buzzes American Ship – Ohhh Myyyyy!!!!













The war drums against Russia are getting a little out of hand.

Russian Jet Passes Over US Warship

So there was a US Navy vessel in the Black Sea (that’s the one that’s, you know, right there by Russia) and a Russian fighter flew by it a bunch of times and it’s headline news and everyone’s shocked and appalled that those goddamned Ruskies would do something like that and wondering why our boys didn’t shoot that pinko son of a bitch down.

This sort of thing actually happens all the time when two formidable militaries get close to each other.   I knew a guy that was in the USAF during the Cold War and stationed on the Alaskan coast who said that one day a week the Russian jets from their base across the Bering Strait would come over and buzz the towers and then the next day our fighters would go buzz theirs.   All that was exchanged were some universally recognized obscene gestures.

I also wonder if there would be the same sort of indignation if American jets harassed a Russian naval vessel in the Gulf of Mexico or somewhere else close to home.   I’m sure that happens pretty much any time a Russian vessel gets anywhere near the US and it should happen.   I have no problem at all with letting foreign powers know who’s neighborhood (not “backyard”, haha, that’s a different subject) they’re in.

I just thought this was one more silly example of the powers-that-be seeming like they’re foaming at the mouth to start something with Russia.   I’ve said before that the “human rights crisis” that magically surfaced when Obama was going to have to have a face-to-face with an angry Putin with some tough questions over Syria at the G-8 was pretty much bullshit, the media coverage of the Sochi Olympics was out of hand from the start (my favorite was the “this is just like the Munich Olympics with Hitler!” line.) and whenever I click on any mainstream media news site it seems like there’s always some “top 10 reasons why Russia sucks” article.

I also think that the revamped cold war thing has kind of lionized Russia and Putin to a small handful of Americans, including myself.    They’re not perfect by any means, but they’re openly hostile to a lot of the things that I think are the worst aspects of the United States – namely the way we run our foreign policy.   Sometimes we make the Russians out to be this bulwark against American militarism and soulless consumerism.   I suppose they are in a way, but they’ve got their own agenda in mind too.

Anyways, I hope cooler heads prevail in all of this bullshit and maybe we go back to arguing about the worldview of chicken franchises and other things of that nature instead of rattling Russia’s cage.   If we want to keep this up, I’ll gladly offer my services to Uncle Sam in the way of compiling a list of chicken hawks that have been pushing for this kind of thing to send in first.







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