Putin Encircling the US “Red Dawn” Style?

Putin is Militarily Encircling the United States Red Dawn Style

This blog post from Dave Hodges “Common Sense Show” caught my attention because of the Red Dawn reference, of course.     The content is solid, but it’s presented a tad on the alarmist side.   I don’t know enough about Dave Hodges to know if it’s tongue-in-cheek or not but it’s an interesting observation.

In Red Dawn the Soviet Army invaded the United States in concert with Soviet-supported Cuban and Nicaraguan forces.   The Latin contingent was able to sneak across the US/Mexican border and catch the Americans with their pants down because Mexico was in the middle of a bloody revolution.   It’s a good guess that this revolution would’ve been a proxy war between the US and the Soviets and Cuban/Nicaraguan forces there might have been expected.

Hodges makes the case that Russia is running circles around us diplomatically in Latin America, or “our backyard” as John Kerry called it.   This used to be our sphere of influence, but it does seem like Latin America is drifting away from globalism and into it’s own little interconnected world.   Russia kind of has the same thing going on so they’re all pretty well suited for each other, I think.

The article gives a few examples of what’s going on “down there”…

–  Nicaragua is increasing military cooperation with Russia and has a pro-Russian/not-so-hot-on-the-US government.

–   Venezuela’s raison d’etre over the past decade or so seems to be being vocally opposed to all things American…or Norteamericano, to be more precise.   They have strong military, economic and political ties with Russia and pretty much anyone else in the world that we’re at odds with.    To me Hugo Chavez seemed like a lackluster guy, but he had a great trick up his sleeve (vehement anti-Americanism) that made him popular around the world.

–   Argentina.   We’ve got an uneasy thing going on with them.   I’ve seen surveys that show Argentines have some of the lowest opinions of Americans in the world, including the Middle East.   According to this article, Argentine president Christina Kirchner backed Putin’s annexation of Crimea and said something or other about the Falkland/Malvinas island thing (as Argentine politicans tend to do…often), presumably hoping for support when/if they try to get possession of the islands again.    Now that I type this, I wonder if the Falklands/Malvinas could someday end up a real flashpoint between Russia and the West?   A few years ago I would’ve said it was too obscure of a conflict, now who knows…

– Brazil.   They’ve flexed their newly-gained diplomatic muscles a few times in the past four years or so to counter US foreign policy aims, namely in Iran.   They’re increasing cooperation with Russia as well, especially economically and in the technological fields…and yes, militarily.    Brazil is a rising economic powerhouse and is one of the BRIC”s” nations, along with Russia, India and China (South Africa?  Bullshit.  Not counting them) who some say will be the big players on the world scene for the rest of the 21st Century.   Some of the economic proposals between the BRICs could be bad news for some of our economic arrangements, namely the petrodollar system…that’s a long conversation in itself.   Also Brazil is notable in the world as being one of the few places where agricultural production can be notably ramped up.   There’s all kinds of land down there ready for the plow and their agricultural sector has been booming for a while now.   Soybeans, cattle, coffee, corn, sugar, you name it.   They’ve been doing a lot of business with China too, for what’s that’s worth.  The ability to produce food is very important of course and I think Brazil will be even more important in the future.

Who else?   Oh, Ecuador.  Not exactly a bit hitter on the world scene but I think a lot of people like and respect President Rafael Correa.    He actually seems like a respectable guy.   He has some depth and tact to him that his counterpart in Venezuela (Chavez) didn’t have.   He would probably be one of the better world leaders to sit down and have a conversation with.   Anyways, they’re on board with Russia (and not with us).

Apparently El Salvador signed a military agreement with Russia.   I hope MS-13 doesn’t get stabby if all hell breaks loose, ha ha.

I doubt that these developments mean that a pan-Latin army is going to come rolling across the border and come get us Red Dawn style, but it is interesting to watch how the world seems to be shifting from US hegemony to a more multipolar world as Russia gets teeth again.

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