That Bowe Bergdahl Guy

So the story of “Sergeant” Bowe Bergdahl has been all over the past week or two and it’s one of the more bizarre ones to come out of the Global War on Terrorism experience.    No need to rehash the details.    I would actually think about this guy every so often and I’m surprised that the bullshit flag never really went up for me on this story.    You’d think that if this guy was really legitimately captured and held by the Taliban, they would turn it into a bigger deal a la the Jessica Lynch deal during the invasion instead of just mentioning him in passing once every year or so.

Anyways, a few random thoughts on the situation

–  Yeah, the guy sounded like a weirdo.

–   I doubt that Obama had much to do with it other than saying “uhh, yeah, ok” and I’m sure motives were more political than anything, but I think the this-guy-for-five-Taliban-guys swap reflects well on the US Armed Forces.   It sucks that this is how they had to do it, but at the end of the day they got him back, even if he was a shithead.   Instead of saying “fuck him, he’s a deserter/traitor”, they’re upholding their end of the bargain and not leaving him behind and reviewing the case instead of just taking it at face value and leaving him with the wolves.    If it turns out his conduct was correct (which I doubt), on with life.   If not, administer justice.    Sometimes all the little things that we would say make us exceptional as Americans (in this case, due process, innocent til proven guilty, value of the individual, etc.) aren’t comfortable but that’s when these things matter the most.

– There’s something out there about how this guy was teaching the Taliban bomb making and infantry tactics.   Bullshit.   There’s nothing this boot knew that they didn’t.

–  Part of what apparently made him snap was the treatment of Afghani nationals by American/Allied personnel.    Yeah, I can definitely empathize with that one.    Sadism runs rampant in these situations and I’ll just leave that one there.


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