Iran’s Navy Sinks Mock US Carrier

Iran’s Navy Blasts Away at Mock US Carrier

This week the Iranian Revolutionary Guard staged war games where they sank a model of a US Nimitz class aircraft carrier.    They basically swarmed it with about 50 missile-bearing patrol boats, helicopters and land-based missiles.

Some of the articles/comments I’ve read laugh off Iran’s military capabilities, but they actually have a decent navy and some fairly impressive home-grown technology.   They’re not as backwards as some people like to make them out.   Are they *on par* with the US Navy?   Definitely not…but do they have to have the same kind of numbers and technology to strike a serious blow against us?

I would imagine that in a real life scenario if the Iranians threw 50 of the fast moving patrol boats, helicopters and fired a few missiles at a single carrier, SOMETHING would get through, even if most of it was swatted down.   One Nimitz class carrier equals a couple thousand sailors and several billions of dollars at the bottom of the ocean.     So far a little over 2,000 US servicemen have been KIA in Afghanistan, so one carrier attack has the potential to trump that in terms of body count in a day.

I know the US Navy has contingency plans for lone fast-moving patrol boats, not sure if they’ve taken seriously the idea of a whole shitload of them coming at them.    We’re really bad at taking these kinds of things seriously.

Oh, and about 20% of the world’s oil gets shipped through the narrow Straits of Hormuz, where Iran always threatens to take their stand.   Impeding access means that we’re going to feel it back home and the Saudis aren’t going to be very happy, either.   Neither will the Kuwaitis or Iraq.

I was curious to see *how* they made the ship, because even if they made it out of paper mache it’s pretty big undertaking to just build it and blow it up.    Looks like it’s an old barge for the base and I’m not sure what else.   I’m sure the Iranian taxpayers are thrilled though.

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