New York Towns Looking to Secede to Pennsylvania

New York Towns Are Plotting to Secede to Pennsylvania


This story caught my eye today.   I’ve talked before about some states and nations having political borders that don’t make sense and the state of New York is one of the first to come to mind with the divide between the rural/rust belt upstate and Long Island.    Here’s one factor I never thought of:  Fracking!   Right now 15 towns along the Pennsylvania border are talking about jumping ship and joining more conservative Pennsylvania over a recent fracking ban…and high taxes, of course.

Although I know there’s reservations about fracking, I get what they’re trying to say.  We’re talking about a rural and economically depressed area without many options and they get some dollars flowing in through fracking.   Then the wealthy liberals in NYC and the greenie-weenies in the Hudson Valley tell them they can’t.   I’m not necessarily saying fracking is a good idea, but I get the sentiments.

I’m sure nothing will come out of this in the immediate future, but I think this is the kind of social/economic divide that will end up causing big political problems in states like New York, Illinois, Michigan, Colorado and California.

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