Check Out My New Chickens

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I finally got some chickens.   It’s something that’s been on the backburner for over two years, but finally pulled the trigger.  I had everything ready two years ago but wound up putting off getting chickens in order to take care of other things that needed taking care of.

So I have four red sex-linked and four barred rock chicks here.   Why did I pick these breeds?  Pretty much because that’s what the store had available but fortunately these are both good layers, cold hardy and tend to be docile (good for novice chicken owners).

For some reason I planned on getting full-grown layers later in the year and not dealing with chicks.   Turns out dealing with chicks is cheaper and easier than I thought.   I really didn’t have to buy much except for about $20 on a lamp and heat bulb.   A big bag of food was $11 or so and the chicks were a little less than $3 each.

The dogs have been kind of funny about them.  When Murray first saw them he got this serious “what the fuck…” kind of look on his face.   Juno is just really curious.   They’re blocked off from them for now but I let them down there every now and then.   Murray seems kind of protective of them from Juno, which might be a good thing down the road.

I want four chickens, give or take one.  I figure I’ll lose a couple along the way for whatever reason.   If they all make it, great, I’ll make adjustments to handle that many.

The laws for chickens in this city are pretty good.   You can have up to 25, no roosters and you have to keep them 20 feet from the neighbors and I think there’s some clause in there as long as they’re not causing any problems, everything is fine.   My neighbors don’t care and if anything I think they approve.   I know a few people on my block already have chickens and occasionally I’ll hear a rooster from the area.

They don’t do much besides sleep and eat so there’s not really much to say about them so far.   I watched one of them catch an ant the other day and carry it around while the others chased him and then he swallowed it.   That’s about the extent of the excitement so far.   It is kind of fun to have the sounds of cheaping chicks in the house though.

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