Armenian Noah’s Ark Silver Coins



I recently picked up some of these coins from JM Bullion for myself and a few to start a silver collection for my infant son.   I think these are quite possibly the best looking silver coins I own and the tiny Republic of Armenia really knocked it out of the park with this one.    The picture doesn’t do justice to the sun and I think the Armenian alphabet just looks cool.

There’s a lot of good reasons to invest in precious metals, but one that gets overlooked is how it’s nice to be able to hold your investment in your hand and in some cases, be able to appreciate the beauty of it and/or the story behind whatever is on it.   You can’t do that with shares of the growth and income fund in your 401k.   The downside of that is that you wind up with a little bit more of an attachment to your metals and it might be a little bit harder to part with them when it comes time to fold ’em.     I guess it’s good I have some that are only there for the metal and then some that have aesthetic value to me too.

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