Jade Helm!!!

Ok, to be honest I don’t know a lot of the details about this military operation that will take place in the Southwestern US this summer but this evening my neighbor stopped me to ask my thoughts about it.   I told him that I knew the basic idea that it was a military operation and they made a couple states into indian country and a lot of people were spooked that it was a precursor of martial law and that’s about all I knew.

He told me about Chinese and Russian troops (as well as others) taking part of the operation under the guise of the United Nations and that someone who lived next to a military base said they’ve never seen so many vehicles as they’re currently seeing.

I’ve always had a soft spot for this kind of thing ever since I was young.   I thought it was funny because the things my neighbor was telling me (that he heard from Alex Jones and others) were the same. exact. things. I remember reading/hearing during the 90’s when Bill Clinton was going to bring in UN troops to turn the US into a massive police state.   I had a relative who was totally into that kind of thing and would send us tapes and newsletters and every year at the State Fair I’d make a point to hit up the John Birch Society booth and get some of their literature so I saw a lot of this kind of stuff.

I just thought it was funny how some of these urban legends keep coming around.     Some obscure base is crawling with secret Russian soldiers, some group of European soldiers did a mock invasion of a US town and raised the UN flag, some guy who lives by a base has seen more equipment being moved than he saw there during ‘Nam and Desert Storm, military bases next to rail lines are being outfitted as prison camps for dissenters, grid coordinates on the back of street signs are there to guide invading troops, etc.

I told my neighbor I’d look a little deeper into it.   My thoughts after reading up on it a bit?   The military always likes to re-fight the last battle and the type of training sounds an awful lot like the way the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan went.    During the early days of my enlistment (late 90’s, early 2000’s) they had us training basically to take on Charlie in the jungle.   When we actually had to go to war, it looked totally different and we had to learn a whole different skill set.   I have a feeling the military will be focused on this type of training for a while considering it was the type of thing that was necessary over the past decade and it’s now the way things have always been for a large chunk of the NCO and officer corps if you consider the fact that 9/11 was about 14 years ago.

Maybe someday soon they’ll have to dust off the playbook for conventional warfare, but until that day comes the kinds of things covered in Operation Jade Helm will be standard fare.
In other words, I don’t think it’s as alarming as people are making it out to be…


  • Doug

    I hope you’re right but a LOT of things are different these days.

    • Ryan

      I never really thought about it, but there are some big differences between now and then… it seems like there would be more reasons for drastic actions today. In the early 90’s we were unquestionably at the top of the world. We still are today, but that position is shaky and we’ve been through enough (2001 and 2008 stock market crashes, loss of prestige in the world, rise of China & Russia, etc.) where the government might/does “circle their wagons” and get more draconian. I still think Jade Helm is just the military playing around close to home but wouldn’t rule out the possibility that someday there could be a real case for alarm.

  • Doug

    All true Ryan but isn’t it “convenient” to have all those troops in the field if something were to occur. I just don’t trust Anything they say or do anymore,last week we were snuggling with iran and now we’re blockading the coast of yemen against their resupply efforts !! I’m more apprehensive about my gov’t than I am anything else…..

    • Ryan

      And you should be apprehensive about those guys. They don’t operate on a code of principles, just whatever works out best in their interest for the moment. I hope/think it is just something where they want to play Rambo and do it close to home. I don’t doubt that someday they might try something against the civilians, but I don’t think we’re at the point where they feel they need to.

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