So Our Exploits in Iraq Made Soldier of Fortune…


I always thought Soldier of Fortune was a cool magazine when I was a kid… articles about guys going to the far corners of the earth to sling led with ne’er-do-wells, advertisements for the Anarchist Cookbook and other exciting things, Vietnam POW conspiracy theories, etc.    Just the kind of things that a young red-blooded American boy needed in the post-Soviet era.

Anyways, looks like they’re doing an article about my old unit in Iraq.   Even though it won’t be about me personally or anything like that, I’m still like “whoa, cool, I’m going to be in Soldier of Fortune!”   I guess that’s because we’re talking about a small enough unit to make it personable to me, not just “Marines in Iraq” or whatever, it’s specific to my battalion on my deployment.
This might have something to do with my old battalion commander making the rounds on some second and third tier media lately (maybe I can get an interview??? ha. ) talking about how we dealt with the ISIS guys there before they were ISIS and how we need to go back to the Middle East.   Can’t confirm/deny that, but it could be true.   I think he goes over well in some circles because his foreign policy stance makes Dick Cheney look like Gandhi.  He gets high marks from me as a Marine officer, but I can’t say I endorse his foreign policy ideas.

Anyways, I’m looking forward to seeing what they say.

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