Week Two With Chickens



I can’t believe how much these things have grown in two weeks.   It seems like they’ve doubled in size and they’re starting to put on feathers.  The yellow chicks just started getting red feathers today.   They’re climbing and making short flights in their cage.

They’re messy.    You can change their water and then minutes later it’s full of their bedding and cleaning their cage is kind of a pain in the ass.  They like to scatter things all over.   Mary can’t wait until we can put them outside.    I really like sitting and watching them though.  They are kind of cute and entertaining.  I don’t want to get too attached though because it’s likely that they’re not all going to make it to adulthood.

I’m also amazed at how much they eat.  I’ll fill a mason jar full of food in their feeder and it’ll be gone within the day.

So yeah, so far everything is going good.

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