Jade Helm Again…

I’ve been thinking about the Jade Helm thing again and went to see what the new developments were and saw this post from Infowars about the US military trying to operate “covertly” among American citizens in American cities, allegedly to train to occupy other countries.

In a previous post I mentioned something about the military always trying to fight the last battle and figuring that this kind of training would fit right in with that mindset.

I started thinking about one “operation” I did in 2004 before deploying to Iraq.    It involved the NCOs of my company getting into civilian clothes, getting dropped off somewhere in Dana Point, CA, an affluent sleepy ocean-side town and using urban navigation skills to find our way around.   Here’s what happened:

– we got dropped off at a high school parking lot.    Made a lot of Saved by the Bell jokes, being as it was a Southern California high school.

– A small group of us wandered off and found a donut shop in a strip mall and had donuts and coffee.

–   Wandered through some residential neighborhoods.    Had to traverse a hilly and shrubby section of land.    Decided to walk around it instead.
–  Walked to the beach.    Hung out with our shirts off for a while to soak up some rays.

–   Went to a grocery store.

–  Split up into smaller groups and kept walking.     Got picked up by “the chopper” (see:  the one privately owned vehicle that someone in my platoon had, an old Taurus aka “the Clitaurus”), got bitched at by the platoon sergeant for being far away from where I should’ve been.

– Ate a late lunch at a fancy restaurant on the beach and then headed back to Pendleton.
A handful of people in Dana Point complained and it was in the newspaper that Marines were doing this.   More people wrote in with things like “we don’t care” or “we’re glad they’re here”.    This was still when everyone was gung-ho about the war.


What’s the point of this?   Just saying that this kind of training isn’t exactly new and odds are most servicemen will probably have as unassuming time as I did.   I still think there’s not much to raise an eyebrow out with this.

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