If Trump Is So Evil, Why Bring In Refugees?

I really don’t get it.  The same people who are convinced we’re only a couple armbands away from the Third Reich where basically everyone who isn’t an able-bodied conservative white Christian male is about to be thrown in the camps are the same people crying about “refugees” and other immigrants not being allowed to come in.   A lot of people are convinced “we’re all going to die in a thermonuclear war” as well.

At what point is it these people’s duty as a moral human being to STOP these people from wanting to come in?   I mean, if things are heading anywhere near half as bad as these people make it out to be, shouldn’t they be working around the clock to convince these people to go somewhere else?   It just seems kind of sadistic to subjugate people from the Islamic world “looking for a better life” to the allegedly high possibility of extreme discrimination in a country where approximately half the people must be racist sociopaths due to their voting decisions.

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