Decluttering My Email

For the past several years it seems like I’ve spent New Years’ Eve deleting the past years emails from my inbox. Yeah, exciting.  I guess that’s what happens when you have young kids.   I’ll unsubscribe to a few emails and maybe stay on top of it for a day or two and then ultimately they build back up again…then repeat process new year.

Not this year though. So far I’ve been doing really good about keeping my inbox at a manageable level.   It feels kind of nice to not look at my yahoo account and see a number up into the thousands.

I unsubscribed to a few email lists to help myself out, but I found that sometimes that’s not good enough or sometimes lists have multiple layers of lists and you have to unsubscribe to it in two (or more) different places.

I’ll keep an email that needs to be addressed around long enough for it to be addressed and then delete it.   I suppose in a way that helps me keep on top of things instead of knowing it’ll be on the next page within the next 36 hours or whatever.

By keeping the emails down, it’s also caused me to actually consider some of the emails from lists I get.   Instead of feeling like I don’t have the time to look at these kinds of things, now some of them at least get a click and scan before getting deleted.  I even have a podcast I “subscribe” to where part of the benefit is a weekly analysis of the financial markets that were just getting skipped over due to an overload of emails – now I actually take the time to look at it.

I understand how clutter happens “IRL”, but it can also happen in the digital world and it’s good to declutter from there (here?) from time to time again.

Maybe next NYE I’ll tackle my email account for this webpage – which at this point only gets looked at once in a blue moon.


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