“I Should Post More”

I should post more.   That’s always the death knell of a blog.  When you start out it’s hard to stay away from the keyboard and then over time it gets harder to sit down in front of the keyboard.

When I started this several years ago, I was in a different place than I was now.  I didn’t have much of a social life (well, still don’t) and honestly very little in the way of responsibility outside of going to work and maintaining the house.  I worked the night shift and my wife would typically go to bed around 10pm, so on my nights off I’d typically have around four hours to myself, usually spent in front of a computer.

I also consumed A TON of information.   I’d spend my 12 hour shifts at work listening to podcasts.  A lot of it was redundant – a lot of stuff about economic and societal collapse.  It seemed only natural that with taking in so much and not having a lot of people to talk things over with that at some point I’d come up with another outlet to kick back my ideas to the world…and that’s basically what happened.

After a few life changes, this kind of thing took a back burner in life, although I always kept a *desire* to pursue writing and told myself that I should rededicate myself to it…at some point in the future.

My lifestyle has changed a bit that makes it more difficult to put the time in.   Before my work schedule left a lot of “dead time” late at night and in the afternoon where I could work on things.  These days it seems like I get a little bit of time at night when I get off work – that is if I don’t walk the dogs, do the dishes or get distracted with any other…distraction.

I also decided to take a break from a lot of the kinds of material I was constantly exposing myself to.  That’s had an effect on my lack of contributions here, as I feel I’ve kind of typecast this blog as being about a couple of subjects.  Do I make this blog about a couple subjects or do I make it more personal? Or some hybrid of both?  Or does it even matter?

The good news is I’ve been keeping busy with a couple other creative projects that fill that void.  For one, our tea business.   We’ve done a few videos about herbs and such, but we’re going to ramp that up with a podcast in the immediate future.   In fact, I’ll probably record tonight.   I’ve also been doing a podcast about the history of the Cold War (www.coldwarcast.com) and I’m about 30 episodes into it, so I guess that’s actually “a thing” at this point.   So I suppose I could say that writing here has taken a backseat to these other things.

I’ve done a few youtube videos about some “hot topics” over the past year and a half, which has been an interesting experience.   I did two videos about the book Camp of the Saints.  One was over a year ago and then I did another one recently when it came into the news that Steve Bannon mentioned it.   The first one was a review and discussing how eerily similar it was to the ongoing migrant crisis in Europe, the second one was basically saying that it’s funny that the news story was that the book was racist (and that Bannon read it/recommended it) without discussing the connections between the book and reality.   I made a statement, playing on the “1984 is supposed to be fiction, not an instruction manual” quip that gets tossed around online discourse often that Camp of the Saints was supposed to be fiction, not an instruction manual….

Anyways, it was kind of an interesting experience because somehow the video with little ol’ me made the rounds on some leftist sites/facebook groups and I got “raided”.  A slew of dislikes and a ton of comments about my voice, the gap between my front teeth, receding hairline, etc.   Also a lot of attempted “gotcha” comments like “do you admit this book is racist???”, as if it even matters.   There were a lot of people from India that got in on the attack too, as the book is pretty harsh on Indians – admittedly too harsh, but it does play into the storyline.   The constant notifications got a little annoying and at this point both videos have divulged into a cesspool in the comment section.
I like the idea of having this blog as a more general thing.  Being able to write out thoughts/ideas feels good.  I’m just not sure exactly where it fits into my big picture but I know it fits in somewhere.

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