EU To Take Legal Action Against Hungary, Poland and Czech Republic

The “migrant crisis” has probably been the most polarizing thing to happen within Europe since the fall of the Berlin Wall.  Not only is it polarizing within the individual nations, it’s also polarizing nation-to-nation within the European Union.

The EU as an entity believes that the Union, and thus the individual member states have a moral imperative to take in large numbers of migrants and apparently do something resembling assimilating them into European society.   The national policies of a substantial portion of the EU go along with the guidelines from Brussels and some even seem to go a step further.  There are, however, a few countries that have said “no thank you”.

Apparently now the EU is looking to legally punish these countries (mentioned in the title) for not “pulling their weight” by taking in refugees.

Here’s what gets me….  If it is deemed a good thing, a beneficial thing to take in all of these people, why aren’t the other member states of the EU saying “Fine, sucker, more for me!”.   Let’s say the EU was just giving out money or something else valuable and a handful of countries said no thanks, would the other countries fall all over each other to say “I’ll take their share!”?     Probably.

If that’s not the case where it’s a beneficial thing and it’s something more along the lines of a thankless moral responsibility to take in so many migrants from the Middle East, why won’t they have the discussion from that angle?  No, instead dissent against immigration is largely suppressed.   Can you imagine how it would be if the national discussion was “yeah, we don’t get anything out of this but we feel a sense of responsibility so we’re going to do it…”?   It would be a complete game-changer, politically.  The discussion would very quickly veer into the realm of “who says we have to do this?” and ultimately challenge the authority of the European Union.

Here’s the other angle to this that gets me…. The European Union is basically saying that the hopes and desires of people who aren’t even European supersede those of their fellow Europeans.  That’s grounds for a lot of resentment right there.

Also on that same note, if they want to make this experiment work, are they really willing to ostracize a notable chunk of the EU over non-Europeans?  By this I mean the handful of nations who aren’t interested in migrant resettlement and I also mean the large swaths of citizens of ALL European nations who range from “uncomfortable” with immigration rates to completely opposed to it.   Doesn’t seem worth it to me if they want to give the EU any sort of meaningful viability going forward.

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