Getting Back Into Silver

I’ve lost a lot of interest in financial markets over the past few years.   As I’ve written before, I think there’s four reasons for this…

1. the impeding doom & gloom just around the corner constantly forecast around 2010-12 never seemed to happen and “business as usual” has lulled many people to sleep.   Myself included.

2.  These days I have less money to think “where should I put it?” about.

3.  General lifestyle changes that geared me away from taking in too much material like reason #1.

4.  Nothing really remarkable happening in the silver/gold market in the past few years.


….but lately I’ve been thinking more about it.  In order to help me remember what I already know, I started doing some videos on YouTube on the basics of silver, assuming a complete novice is watching.   I’m up to eight videos, I think and I assume this will wind up in the neighborhood of 25 or so short videos covering topics like spot price, how to order it, what’s junk silver, what should I buy, gold vs. silver, barter prospects, industrial market for silver, etc.

Here’s the first one and where you can find the others:



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