The Mini-Orchard Is En Route

After racking up a large shopping cart at Raintree Nursery, I finally pulled the trigger and ordered some trees.   Off the top of my head I ordered the following:


3 mini-dwarf apples –   Jonagold, Enterprise and Honeycrisp variety

5 columnar apples – Scarlet Sentinel –   these are a couple feet wide and 7′-9′ tall when mature.

1 Stella dwarf cherry

2 dwarf Empress peaches

1  Necta Zee dwarf nectarine

1  Centennial semi-dwarf crabapple  –

1  Chicago Fig

1  Russian Tea plant

From a different company I ordered miniature orange, lime, lemon and tangerine trees as well as a miniature pomegranate and a “cold hardy” banana.   These (along with the tea and figs) will have to come inside during the winter.   I plan on putting in the effort to maintain these trees, but to be perfectly honest I’ll consider any produce received from these trees as a blessing.   The price for these plants was low enough to take a chance on them, but I’m a little skeptical.   I know for sure they’re not going to be loaded with fruit like the trees in the picture.   If it does work out, how cool would that be?

All of these trees/plants (with the exception of the crabapple and cherry) can be grown in containers.   This makes sense for me because I would like to not be at my current location in a few years and it would be nice to be able to move the trees within my yard and possibly to a different location if we do move.  The plan right now has us keeping this home as a rental, so if we put in a couple trees we will still more or less have access to them.  Worst case scenario, we’ll have done something nice for the new owners and be out $50 (unless they add to the property value and appeal?).

We won’t get any production this year from the trees, but there’s a chance that we could start seeing fruit next year.    The trees in addition to everything else going on will keep us busy, but it should be a rewarding endeavor.    They should arrive around the middle of April and I’ll have containers and soil waiting for them…