Food Storage: Thinking About The Immediate Term

When people make food storage plans, they often think in a matter of weeks, months or even years.   Modern survival stresses focusing on the most probable events such as weather-related power outages, temporary economic setbacks and so-on over more catastrophic events like nuclear war, zombie attacks or whatever they talk about on “Doomsday Preppers”.

Why not take principles of preparedness and food storage to the absolute lowest level and keep yourself prepared for life’s minor inconveniences that happen all the time?   What I mean by that is having a plan to keep certain foods prepared ahead of time that make life a little easier and less stressful.   Have to work late?   Forget to pack your lunch the night before and wake up late?   Or maybe you’re just too tired to cook for whatever reason – it’s nice to be able to know that you’ll have some sort of go-to food around.

In my house some of these staples include pita bread, boiled eggs, bean sprouts, hummus, pasta salad and usually some sort of homemade soup or stew.   If I need to I can usually throw together a satisfying meal in a matter of minutes or use these things to supplement something else.   Some other ideas might be chicken breasts, cooked ground meat, roasted vegetables or fruit salad.   Preparing these sort of things at your convenience really helps a few days down the road when things might get a little hectic.   Maybe making a point on Sunday to take a little bit of time to make a few things you’d like to keep around for the upcoming week would make sense.

From a more conventional preparedness standpoint, if the power went out, zombies attacked, Red Dawn happened, etc.  it would be nice to be able to have a few things around already prepared to access immediately instead of cracking into your MRE’s or trying to cook beans and rice from the 5-gallon buckets over a Coleman stove or something like that.

One of the benefits of thinking ahead with immediate term food preparedness is that it helps you eat a little more disciplined (if you pick the right foods to prepare ahead!) and there’s less of a chance of being tempted to go out to TGIFriday’s because “there’s nothing to eat here” or you “just don’t feel like cooking tonight”.    If you’re able to pull something out of the fridge and start eating it right away, there’s less of a chance you’ll end up going out.    That saves you money and time as well as probably being healthier.

Many of us probably already do this, but I think it should be openly thought of as being part of a food storage plan.   Thinking about the next few days in addition to planning for weeks, months and years allows us to be prepared for all of life’s challenges, from the major ones all the way down to the completely mundane ones like just not feeling like cooking.