Big Mail Day

My neighbors across the street have their front yard torn up due to sewer work and my mailbox had to be taken out of the ground, so I’ve been without mail delivery for about a week.   I finally managed to run out and talk to the mail carrier who had my mail for the day, but told me that my mail was being held at the post office.  I was planning on going there this afternoon on my way to the gym and my usual mailman came to the door with a large box.   I talked to him for a few minutes and he ranted about how lazy and worthless the temp carrier was because she wouldn’t get her ass out of the truck to take mail to my door – which is policy in a situation like this.    For as much shit as the ol’ pony express gets, it’s good to see that there’s USPS employees out there who are actually concerned with taking care of the customer and taking a bit of pride in their profession – I think everyone has a horror story or two about customer service from the post office.

Anyways, today was a pretty good mail day.   I received the following:

– The latest issue of Mother Earth News

– The latest VFW magazine

– About 30 packets of seeds as well as some old-timey gum from Victory Seeds

– A copy of “Bankruptcy of Our Nation” by Jerry Robinson from FTMdaily – they had a deal where you could get his book postpaid for $5 last week.   I will review it later.

–  100 wide mouth and 100 small mouth reusable canning lids from Tattler from a deal on   For some reason I thought I was buying 100 lids total, but was pleasantly surprised when 200 showed up – I thought some guy messed up the order in our favor.  These lids are BPA free, made in the USA, dishwasher safe and durable.   If you do any canning, these are a good investment.   The lids that come with jars are useless after one use, so you would need to purchase new lids every year otherwise.

– A power bill showing a $32 credit from overpaying last month.   Score.

– Byzantium: The Lost Empire volumes 1 & 2.    This is what happens when you neglect managing your Netflix queue.   While I suppose I’d say I’m interested in all things Byzantine, I’m not really that enthused about getting two documentaries like that right now.