First Plantings

The other day I decided that it was time to plant some spring vegetables.   I had a small area with swiss chard, dill, radishes, spinach, arugula and butterhead lettuce planted in a cold frame a week earlier, but with what looks like a weeks worth of unseasonably warm temperatures, I think we’re in the clear to start some things without the aid of the cold frame.

I planted beets, radishes, arugula, fava beans, snow peas, spinach, salad greens, mustard greens, carrots, fennel, parsnips, collard greens and swiss chard.

It looks like my spinach from last fall overwintered well.  In fact, we had a spinach salad last night.   Right now that spinach is going nuts growing, which is a plus.    There are some collards and chard that made it through the winter, as well as some kale plants that are beginning to regrow after being harvested last fall.    A good amount of kohlrabi that I planted too late in the season last year made it through the winter and looks like it will be ready shortly.   I also see a few leeks sprouting back up, as well as some garlic and a random onion (every little bit helps, I guess).

In January I intended on lining a repurposed small animal cage that I had filled with dirt to grow lettuce with plastic to make a greenhouse.   I had some difficulty making that work, but I planted some lettuce and radishes during that time.   Obviously they didn’t do anything in January, but I’m now seeing these seeds beginning to sprout, which is a pleasant surprise.

I had some problems with getting my cabbage and other brassica seeds to sprout possibly due to using water from a bucket that had vinegar residue (for cleaning) to water them.   I’m debating on whether or not I can pull off cabbage in the spring, but at any rate I’m going to get some new seeds going for tomatoes, some herbs and peppers shortly.

I still have some work to do on building new beds and acquiring soil.    Mushroom dowels have been ordered and I found a good source of logs.    So far things are looking up, all things considered.