Poison Ivy


Sunday night we took the dogs for a walk at a lakeside park with forest trails.   I’ve been around this place hundreds of times and have never caught poison ivy.   I guess it must’ve been something with the humidity or something that made it easy to catch.


So what have I been doing about it?


An outdoorsy guy at work shared a few things with me.    On my way home from work, I picked up a bottle of Dawn dish soap and some rubbing alcohol.     When I showered, I kept the water on for long enough to get wet and then shut it off.   I lathered myself with the dishsoap and then took some time to floss and brush my teeth while the soap was still on me.     I had a bottle of bleach water for cleaning in the bathroom, so I sprayed some of that on some of my less sensitive parts.   After a few minutes of letting the soap and bleach do their job, I rinsed off.   Then I put rubbing alcohol and more soap on the affected spots that I intended to leave on while sleeping, as my coworker suggested to me.

Apparently the dish soap has something in it that will get the oil out of your skin and the alcohol will dry everything.    I think it did improve while I was sleeping, so that’s good.    I washed myself again with the dish soap after coming home from the gym and I’ll throw some alcohol on before going to bed.   Fortunately I had some dehydrated lemons on hand so I grabbed a few, rehydrated them and rubbed them on the affected spots.

It’s been about 7-8 years since I’ve had poison ivy.   What a pain in the ass.   I’m thinking about soaking in an oatmeal bath to see what that does.  I told my wife that I wanted to dip my balls in her oatmeal this morning just to quell the incessant itching down there.  Fortunately this sort of thing will pass quickly and is already improving.


Here’s a video of mod revival legends The Lambrettas performing “Poison Ivy”.  I forgot who did the original.   In this song “Poison Ivy” is a euphemism for STD’s, but I can’t help thinking about it.