Wolverines: Reflections on Red Dawn aka “The Red Dawn Book”

Wolverines:  Reflections on Red Dawn is an ebook that I wrote.  It contains 23 essays of intrepretation, speculation, character analysis and historical reference on the cult-classic Red Dawn.   Throughout the writings I argue that Red Dawn isn’t just a patriotic wet dream about taking on the Red Army, but a way for the American audience to experience some of the horrors that were prevelent all around the world in the 20th Century by transposing them to a familiar American landscape.   I also argue that it’s a warning about what can happen when we get too complacent and comfortable as a society.    You’ll never see Red Dawn the same way again after reading this book.

– Introduction
– Making Sense Out of the Backstory
– Putting Red Dawn Into Historical Context
– The Great Dystopia
– The Strenuous Life
– Colonel Bella: Partisan to Policeman
– What Red Dawn Really Says About War
– Red Dawn on Two Domestic Issues
– Nature’s Indifference
– Lessons in Self-Sufficiency from The Masons
– Did All That Hate Really Burn Robert Up?
– Morris Market Supply Run: A Survivalist’s Dream
– Complacency Kills
– Erica and Toni: The Guerrillas Next Door
– Danny: Somewhere Between “Weiner” and “Warrior”
– Aardvark: American Che Guevara
– The Wolverine as a Mascot
– Reflections of Foreign Policy
– Red Dawn and Black Gold
– No Greater Love…
– On Guerrilla Warfare and Red Dawn: Different Time and Place, Similar Story
– The Execution
– The Chinese Holocaust
– Is Red Dawn Realistic or Not? Tackling the Question
– Bonus: The Iron Heel by Jack London
– Bonus: Tomorrow When The War Began

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